Master the art of flower making with paper, free templates

You are here because you are searching for flower making with paper, right?

Welcome, you are in the right place. You will find my blog full of paper flower tutorials, all kinds of sizes, papers, colors, and flower categories.

Can you make flowers with paper?

Definitely yes, you can make flowers from any kind of paper around you.

You can make flowers from printer paper/copier paper or kinds of construction paper, flowers from tissue paper, flowers from facial tissue paper (the one that cleans your nose hihi), flowers from toilet paper, flowers from cardstock, flowers from book pages, flowers from foam, flowers from twisted paper, flowers from frost paper, flowers from cardboard, etc…

Well, you see, by gaining an understanding of the unique properties of paper, you may discover innovative ways to utilize it when making the specific flowers you desire.

Which paper is good for making flowers?

As per my 7 years of making paper flowers, every kind of paper is good to make flowers.

For example, facial tissue paper is perfect for flowers that have very thin petals, like paper baby breath flowers, paper cherry blossoms, paper apple flowers, or paper cosmos flowers.

Or people might think the wrapping tissue paper is too thin to make flowers, but I have found that doubling it up can enhance the glossy surface and make it suitable for these tissue paper roses or tissue paper tulips.

Or there may be a misconception that cardstock is too stiff for Camellia petal curves, but look at our recent paper camellia flowers, it’s about the techniques to work with the paper.

Camellia paper flower tutorial and template

How do you make realistic paper flowers?

Well, in the above-mentioned Camellia paper flower tutorial, we shared our secrets from designing and making a flower.

In short, to create an authentic-looking paper flower, it’s crucial to observe each detail attentively and work with a steady hand and patience. The more intricacies you focus on, the more stunning your flower will turn out.

What materials do you need for paper flowers?

For flowers that have little and simple petals, you will only need scissors, paper, glue and flower templates. We shared many free flower templates here on my blog, please just search around.

For flowers that have many petals or intricated cutting lines, you will need a cutting machine like Cricut or Cameo.

Stem, color ink, and floral tape… are optional.

What are the easiest paper flowers to make?

We have prepared these paper flower tutorials and templates for beginners here for you.

We understand that the easiest paper flowers are the ones with minimum cutting, folding, and gluing. So these paper flowers are designed for just simply cutting and glued layer to layer.

How do you make paper flower step by step?

In this post, we will share another tutorial and template for lotus flower making with paper, including step-by-step picture tutorial, and free templates in PDF and SVG format.

So that you can understand how a simple paper flower is made.

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Step-by-step tutorial for flower making with paper

Step 1: Cut the petals

You will need 4 layers for each lotus flower.

And a lotus bud needs 2 layers only.

I have prepared both the plain templates and the printable color templates.

The PDF template is for your manual cut with scissors and the SVG file is for your Cricut.

If you cut the petal from your own color paper, please consider applying the pastel chalk the or ombre effect, which will help your flower be much fancier.

I did try to apply the ombre effect for my printable color template already.

Lotus flower making with paper, free templates #paperflowers #flowertutorial #flowertemplate #freesvg

Step 2: Form the flower center

Use the edge of the scissors or a BBQ stick to curve the petals.

For the first layer, use the glue gun to attach 5 petals to form the center of the flower.

Lotus flower making with paper, free templates #paperflowers #flowertutorial #flowertemplate #freesvg

Step 3: Apply the second layer

As you could see below picture, the second layer “hug” closely with the center.

Use the glue gun to force these “hug”.

Lotus flower making with paper, free templates #paperflowers #flowertutorial #flowertemplate #freesvg

Step 4: Apply the third layer

The third layer doesn’t “hug” at all.

Just glue the bottom of the second layer to the third one.

Prepare to form the 4th layer as below picture.

Lotus flower making with paper, free templates #paperflowers #flowertutorial #flowertemplate #freesvg

Step 5: Apply the 4th layer

This step is easy, right?

Lotus flower making with paper, free templates #paperflowers #flowertutorial #flowertemplate #freesvg

Step 6: Make the stem

Form a small ring at the head of the stem and glue it to the bottom of the flower.

Cover the ring with another small paper circle.

Insert the wire into the 3mm transparent PVC tube.

Wrap the tube with floral tape.

Lotus flower making with paper, free templates #paperflowers #flowertutorial #flowertemplate #freesvg

Step 7: Make the leaf

Cut 12 pieces of leaf templates and glue them together with a glue stick.

Glue the stem to the leaf the same way as making the flower stem.

Wrap the ring and the stem with floral tape.

Lotus flower making with paper, free templates #paperflowers #flowertutorial #flowertemplate #freesvg

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Lotus flower making with paper, free templates #paperflowers #flowertutorial #flowertemplate #freesvg
Lotus flower making with paper, free templates #paperflowers #flowertutorial #flowertemplate #freesvg

Materials needed for flower making with paper.

  1. 180gsm cardstock
  2. Pastel chalk
  3. Scissors or a Cricut Explorer for much faster cutting

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