About me

Just call me Ann. I’m a wife, a mom of two littles and a paper craft enthusiast.

I really find my inner peace in making paper crafts, so I decided to leave my corporate job and become a fulltime blogger.

The mission of DreamyPosy.com is to encourage, empower, and inspire everyone in their pursuit of being creative and peaceful. 

You will find completely free templates and tutorials here at DreamyPosy.com.  

My apology for the funny English in this blog, but I will try to have close-up images and videos for better instruction.


I know papercraft is pricey, so let’s start with very simple household materials like printer paper, coffee filter or facial tissue, cardstock…

Let me tell you about my first paper flower: it was so awful that I did not show it to anyone else, lol. Luckily I did not give up, just kept practicing and learning from the failure. The second flower was much better. And now I still have to practice several times before shooting my tutorials to ensure the best technique I can find.


So if you are here, I hope that you will stick around to enrich your craft ideas.

I’m sure that YOU CAN MAKE ALL OF THESE CRAFTS. All you need is patience.

For any question, feel free to email me at dreamypaper (a) gmail.com. I will be more than happy to help.

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Blogging is a hard and lonely job, I’m trying to earn my living from the advertisements and affiliate links you see on each page.

It won’t cost you a thing. Anything you buy using my affiliate links will earn me a small commission. It’s not much but it adds up over time.

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