DIY 3D flower card, free template

DIY 3D paper flower card for your girlfriend, your mother, your spause.

The step by step video tutorial

The materials to use:

  • For paper frame, I used 180gsm color paper but it’s better to use metallic 250gsm paper  , or glitter color 250gmsaper, or pearl color 250gsm paper here.
  • For 3D paper flower, I used normal printing paper and color it with  water color  for the pentals, but you could try oil color, acrylic color, sprayed paint (all are ~ 5$/each)…  I found that using sprayed paint will have best color texture, the flower looks more realistic, but I could not stand that smell 🙂
  • For the paper leaves, I also used rope thin green color paper, about <75gsm and cut out.
  • For glue: just white glue applied.
  •’s template  for mini rose flower posy and for the paper frame

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