Easy flower templates for tiny, small and giant flowers, free PDF| SVG

This is an easy collection of flower templates that you could use it for any project.

As usual, it’s all free template.

And this time I try to make as easy as possible. If you want to find other 40+  paper flower templates and tutorials, please click and enjoys. It’s free.

You just cut it, by manual or by your Cricut, and glue. No special tool or technique required so that anyone can make it.

Flower template for tiny flowers.

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For these tiny flowers, it’s much easier to use a Cricut or a small punch to have the perfect cut.

These Forget-me-not flowers have so many adorable colors and it really harmony when combining with each other.

Flower templates free PDF, SVG, PNG files for tiny flowers

You could glue these tiny flowers to the wire gauge #26 like you do with the small flower below.

Here is the FREE TEMPLATEs in PDF files, SVG file and PNG file.

Flower templates for small flowers

Step 1: Cut the templates.

You could use your Cricut to cut the SVG file or use the scissors to manually cut the PDF file.

I have prepared for both color and plain template in case you want to change the palette.

Use the edge of scissors to curve the petals.

Flower templates step 1

Step 2: Glue the flowers

I use the foam double sided tape to glue between the flower layers.

I triple the tape at the first layer (at the bottom), so it’s about 6mm distance.

Double the tape for the next layers and just 2mm tape for the last one.

You could arrange your flowers in any way you like.

Flower templates tutorial, step2

Step 3: Make the stem

I use a wire gauge#20. Make a round curve at the top that could easily glue to the bottom of the flower.

Cover the glue by a paper circle.

Insert the wire into a 3mm PVC transparent tube.

Wrap the tube with green floral tape.

Bend the wire at the bottom to settle it.

Flower templates and tutorial free, step3

Here is the final flower.

Paper flowers, easy tutorial, free template

Here is the FLOWER TEMPLATE 1 (PDF plain file, PDF color file, SVG plain file, SVG color file)

Use the same technique for another flower template.

Flower template andutorial, free PDF and SVG

Here is the FLOWER TEMPLATE 2 (PDF plain file, PDF color file, SVG plain file, SVG color file)

Giant Flower templates

I’ve just updated the Giant rose template as well as the vine leaves templates here.

Giant rose free template and tutorial #paperflowers @flowertemplates

And if you want some cut-out giant flower template, here is the SVG TEMPLATE.

Giant flower template, free SVG and PDF file

This gorgeous flower is made by Dale Stewart from my free SVG template.

This is the first time I learn to make such color and cut-out SVG flower templates.

If you find any error or mistake, please feel free to drop me a comment.

I’ll be more than happy to receive your advice.

With lots of love





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      Thank you, Lisa. I’m glad to hear so.

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    Thank you so Much! your work is beautiful, I am a beginner and this has been so helpful. I already did two of your flower & it work out perfect!

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    The template for the rose doesn’t look like the one used in the video, the one is the video are individual pieces and the template show all the petal attached?

    • March 11, 2019 at 2:28 am

      What type of paper do you use to cut out templates

      • March 12, 2019 at 8:32 am

        Normally I use the paper from 120gsm to 180gsm, Alicia.

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    beautiful how can i get the template thanks ?

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      Yes, please check it out at the end of the material list. Thanks

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    Thank you so Much!! I am a beginner and this has been so helpful!!

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