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I love to make realistic flowers and beautiful crafts from simple materials. I found out that we could make so many beautiful things just from printer paper and ordinary paper. And I would like to share you all FREE templates and step by step video tutorials for DIY decor, DIY wedding, and DIY gift. All of templates and tutorials here are DreamyPosy.com’s original creation.

My motto is REALISTIC, EASY-TO-FOLLOW, with EASY-TO-FIND and On-A-Budget materials.

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How to make a beautiful craft?

The secret is simple: be precise as much as you can, with your cutting, folding, curving, gluing…

Although the materials are simple, the appropriate tools and glue will help you much much faster and get better results.

Keep practicing and observing, you will find that your second will much better than the first one. Event I’m quite familiar with flower making now, but I have to practice at least 2-3 flowers before making any tutorial 🙂

What basic materials to use for paper crafting with DreamyPosy.com?

Now I just focus on making flower from plain printer paper, ordinary color paper and tissue paper only. When starting this blog, I have shared some tutorials to make flower from 4mm rope paper (twisted paper), thin foam paper (<1mm thickness).

To me, the best color for making flower from printer paper, up to now, is pastel chalk. I’m using this product:

but I just found this product has many more favorite colors:

and some watercolor,  but you could try oil color, acrylic color, sprayed paint … Using sprayed paint will have excellent color texture, although it’s not eco-friendly materials  🙂

For glue, I used Glue Gun 20w for where that needs to dry quickly and white glue for any place that needs to be a perfect attach.

For floral wire, I usually use wire gauge#20 or #19 for branch making, green paper clothed wire #24  for leaf making, white Cloth Covered Stem Wire 26 Gauge for stamen making.

Paint brush set

Modeling Tools Kit

4 colors Floral Paper Tape

What paper weight is best for making paper flower?

It depends, on the size of flower you want to make, and on what flower you want to make. I found that we have different paper weight of printer paper, from 17lbs (64gsm), 20lbs (75gsm), 21lbs (80gsm) to 24lbs (90gsm).

For the flowers have thin petals, I recommend to use this paper product:

For the flowers have thick petals or larger size flower, I recommend to use #21lbs or #24lbs paper.

For the giant paper flower, please consider to use cardstock.

What materials to use for 3d paper models and gift box, paper vase?

We recommend to use the recycled stiff card as it’s eco-friendly and easy-to-find.

For hanging 3d paper model, the normal paper weight 80gsm is fine after painting, although it’s a little of flimsy.

For making the bigger module, the recommended paper weights should be ~ 160-200gsm.

You could also use the thick cardboard from cereal box, but please consider the thickness for the accurate and decent crease.

For glue, you could consider to use the glue stick, spray glue, 2 side tape, transparent adhesive tape, white glue, Tacky glue…