4 types Camellia paper flowers – tutorial and template – wonderful secret sharing

Making a real-looking Camellia paper flower is in my dream for so long and I failed so many times.

Fortunately, my younger brother, MIM, just comes and helps me with the designs.

He is so talented, as he had no experience with this kind of art before.

And here are our final image of paper Camellia made from cardstock: he designed and I tried to find the techniques to make it.

Camellia paper flower

I even couldn’t believe that we could make such a difficult task: replicate the purity and innocent beauty of Camellia.

Over 300 species of Camellia, we love this Camelia’s E.G. Waterhouse the most, and we keep trying and failing this for about 2 weeks.

Mim’s Secrets in designing paper flowers

You might wonder how a novice like Mim could make such an amazing design.

Mim said that the secret to recreating a flower with precision and accuracy lies in observing it carefully. Before attempting to create a paper replica, he will take several weeks to study the real flower in detail on Pinterest. He look closely at the shape, color, texture, and symmetry of Camellia flowers from as many pictures as he could.

Observe the way the petals overlap and curve, and his brain will record any unique characteristics or imperfections. By paying attention to these details, Mim can recreate the flower with greater accuracy and capture its essence in your craft.

Mim also said that observing the flower carefully is not just about improving his technique. It is also a way to connect with the natural world and appreciate its beauty. Taking the time to truly observe a flower can be a meditative and calming experience, allowing him to slow down and appreciate the present moment.

Ann’s secret in making the paper Camellia

Making this paper Camellia is time-consuming, not fast and easy like the paper rolled rose flower.

For me, the paper camellia flower is not just a simple craft; it is a symbol of love, admiration, and beauty. Every delicate petal and carefully crafted fold and glue tells a story of dedication and passion. Creating a paper camellia flower can be a therapeutic experience, allowing me to channel my emotions and connect with my inner creativity.

When I make a paper camellia flower patiently, I’m reminded of the fleeting nature of life and the importance of cherishing every moment. It reminds me to appreciate the small things and find beauty in the simplest of objects.

The process of creating a paper camellia flower is a labor of love, requiring patience and attention to detail. But the end result is a stunning piece of art that can bring joy and comfort to those who conquer it.

So I hope that when you create a paper camellia flower as a gift for someone special or simply as a way to express your emotions, it is a beautiful and meaningful way to connect with yourself and the world around us.

Materials needed to make Camellia paper flowers

Camellia paper flower

Pin me

Camellia paper flower tutorial step by step, with template svg, pdf

The tutorial

For this Camellia paper flower tutorial, we will share 4 ways to make 4 types of this pink beauty below.

This is the medium open paper Camellia

Camellia paper flower

Adding 3 more larger layers of petal, we will have the opened paper Camellia like this

Camellia paper flower

The opened bud of paper Camellia

Paper Camellia bud

And another type of opened paper Camellia

Paper Camellia flower

Plus the video instruction on how I make the paper Camellia tiny buds and the Camellia leaves.

Here is the short video to show briefly how to make these Camellia paper flowers.

In this tutorial, you will find 10 minutes of video instruction and written instruction with the sharing secret to make such lifelike paper Camellia flowers.

The template (in SVG|PNG|DXF for cutting machines and PDF for hand cutting), includes:

  • 12 sizes of petal layers
  • 2 sizes of sepal for flower
  • and bud + 9 leaves templates

If you cut the template as its original size, the final flower is about 3.5 inches.

It means if you want to make a bigger flower, please choose all the template items before scaling so that the ratio should be the same.

We used 60lbs (160 gsm) cardstock in this project.

We used the ball stylus and quilling mold for the scoring technique applied in my paper-rolled rose tutorial.

Happy crafting,

Ann & MIM.