How to make paper wide rose, FREE template

This is the free step by step tutorial and template to make a coffee filter rose. So easy and so realistic. It’s perfect for your personalized gift.

Video tutorial to make coffee filter rose:

Step by step instructions to make coffee filter rose:

  • Grab the coffee filter paper and other materials and my FREE template. As you could see that I have tried with many different types of paper. You could use printer paper and pastel chalk instead. I found that coffee filter and watercolor has the best effect.
  • Color the fashion sketch picture with watercolor, or pencil, or comic marker, any kind you are comfortable with.

For the flower

  • Cut the petal along the template.
  • For blending the petal, use clean water to wet first. Then use diluted pink color for the first layer. Use the non-diluted pink at to top of petal and use clean water to blend it with the previous layer.
  • Use a wire gauge20 with a head, wrap a small strip of tissue paper to shape the stamen and use hot glue gun to cover it all.
  • Cover the stamen with yellow acrylic color, or yellow watercolor mix with white glue.
  • Cut a 5cmx3cm rectangle of the coffee filter, color, glue, and cut as an eyelash as video instructed.
  • Glue the eyelash with the stamen, then the petals with the stamen.
  • Glue the sepal with the flower
  • Wrap the floral tape at the sepal

For the bud

  • Cut the petal and color as the flower petals
  • Use the tissue paper to wrap up a bud shape
  • Attach the petal with the tissue paper shape by white glue
  • Use the round stylus to shape the sepal
  • Glue the sepal with the bud and wrap with floral tape

For the rose hips:

  • I’m not happy with this way to make rose hips, so I decided not to post it. But you could use the easy and simple cold porcelain recipe that I’ve shared on step 4 of paper Hibiscus tutorial here to make it and color by the nail polish.

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Materials to make:

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