How to make a 3D paper shoe, Free template

Give this 3D paper shoe to your girl and ask her to be your Cinderella! Or make one for yourself to use as a jewelry box.

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And you know what? Just 1 sheet of paper is required. And, as usual, our free template and step by step tutorial will guide you through the process.

Video tutorial to make paper 3D high heel shoe:

Step by step instruction to make 3D paper shoe:

  1. Print out the template on your favorite sturdy paper. It could be watercolor paper, color cardstock, or glitter cardstock or even printer paper.
  2. I used the glue stick for watercolor paper and printer paper and use UHU glue for glitter cardstock.
  3. Cut out the template along the solid lines and score the dotted lines.
  4. Pay attention to the mountain fold (dot-dash) lines and valley fold (dash) lines. Use a ruler to help with folding.
  5. Note the tabs and numbers inside the shoe. And glue the same number tabs to one another using quick dry glue for the fastest result.
  6. The second page of the template is the shoe lining. Choose a paper color for the liner that complements the shoe surface for a gorgeous look. As an alternative, use spray paint or acrylic paint/nail polish to color the entire shoe or just the liner.
  7. You could decorate the shoe with tiny paper flowers. I use x actor knife to cut some leaves and a tiny rose, like what I have shared in mini rose card here.

Free template for paper high heel, a 3D paper shoem #papershoe #paperhighheel #freetemplate


The above paper high heel shoe was just made from printer paper and then covered by a gold spray paint.

I found that the tabs were hidden successfully that you don’t need to make liner inside.


Free template for paper high heel, a 3D paper shoem #papershoe #paperhighheel #freetemplate

And the above shoe was made from watercolor paper 180gsm. For the printer paper and watercolor paper shoe, I used white glue.

Because white glue melts in water, you could easily get the white glue in the syringe.

Just put the needle of the syringe in a cup of water whenever it gets dried.


If you love this, pin the following image for later use.

paper shoe template, paper 3D shoe, paper high heel shoe, free template, step by step video tutorial


What you will need to make 3D paper shoe:

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  1. Color cardstock   or  Glitter cardstock
  2. Glue stick
  3. UHU glue
  4. Syringe or needle
  5. Scissor
  6. A ball pen that out of ink for paper scoring.
  7.’s template

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2 thoughts on “How to make a 3D paper shoe, Free template

  • January 13, 2018 at 7:18 pm

    Help please
    I have downloaded the High Heel shoe template but am only able to print out page 1
    Page 2 although shows up on my to print page just comes out blank

    • January 14, 2018 at 9:17 am

      Oh how come, Christine. I’ve just tried to print both page and there’s no error with the template. I could not send you the seperate page 2, because I am affraid that the liner size might be different with the main shoe size, which happened to me in making these 3 different shoes with 3 different sizes when I exported the file again and again. I hope that you could find out the error.


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