How to make paper wreath for Fall and Thanksgiving, FREE template

This paper wreath will be beautiful and long-lasting decorative for your Fall and Thanksgiving.

You could easily make this in just a few hours, from the very simple suppliers.

Imagine how your wall or your windows could be oh-so-fall with these stunning wreaths.

Know what?

A little berry and fall leaves could be perfect for your Thanksgiving table decoration: a napkin ring, a centerpiece with or without pumpkins, you create it…

Video tutorial to make a paper wreath for Fall and Thanksgiving:

Step-by-step instructions to make a paper wreath:

9 steps to make the paper wreath:

  1. Make a circle of the dried branches
  2. Cut the color paper with Dreamyposy’s templates of leaves
  3. Use the finger and edge of scissors to create the paper leaf veins and curves.
  4. Use pastel chalk or oil pastel to blend the leaves
  5. Attach the leaves with floral wire by UHU glue.

  6. Use the glue gun to attach pearl beads to the floral wire

  7. Use nail polish to color the bead like a berry
  8. Gather the berries together with floral tape
  9. Attach the leaves and the berry to the circle to make a beautiful paper wreath.

To make the paper garland:

  • Make the leaves following the above instruction.
  • Just wrap the wire of the leaves to the hanging thread.

To make the autumn leaves posy:

  1. Make the leaves following the above instruction.
  2. Wrap the leave to a dried branch with floral tape
Paper wreath tutorial, with free template, so easy #paperflower #flowertutorial

Materials needed to make a paper wreath:

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You might also find that these berries are also perfect for this Paper Holly template and tutorial that was shared here. Enjoys

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  • April 26, 2018 at 4:23 pm

    oh I really love these foliage.

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      Thank you, Rhea. I do love the foliages in general, too. 🙂

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