Most realistic paper flowers you ever seen

These are the best paper flowers that I found, their authors are not famous, but their works are so adorable. They are truly the talents.

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I would like to introduce some of the gorgeous flowers that you might not see ever before, besides other famous paper florists’ around the world.

The most realistic paper flowers I found


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I have included the links to authors’ profiles so that you could find more their fabulous works here.

  1. The orchid flower, made by Origami wet technique, and using Vietnam traditional paper (Do paper)
  2. Epiphyllum flower, made from Italian 180gsm crepe paper
  3. Rose flower, made from Italian 180g sm crepe paper
  4. Paper bouquet, which flowers are made from art paper 165gsm, and leaves are made from Washi paper
  5. Double layer rose flower, made from Italian 180gsm crepe paper
  6. Kwan Yin lotus, made from Italian 180gsm crepe paper.
  7.  Mini sunflower, made from printer paper. You could see the whole tiny flower collection here to find the talent of the author.


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