How to make Carnation paper flower, QUICK and EASY, FREE template

Carnation paper flower is quick and easy to make for beginners, so I decided to share this FREE tutorial and template as the first paper flower in the series of’s DIY wedding paper flower tutorials.

Step by step instruction to make a Carnation paper flower:

Although my video tutorial is quite good enough, please refer this instruction to have the new update techniques to make paper Carnation.

  1. Download the template. If you don’t have a printer, apply a paper on your screen and use a pencil and trace the template.

  2. The paperweight for this Carnation flower is equal or less than 80 gram per square meter, ( as you might know the regular printer paper is 80gsm).

  3. Cut the circles and refer the step 2 to have more realistic petals’ edges.

  4. Twist the circle as hard as you can (see further in step 3)

  5. Insert a wire gauge 20 into the petal layers accordingly as the video instruction.

  6. Use a stick to curl to petal to make it more natural.

  7. Wrap a thick strip of tissue paper to form the sepal  and cover by sepal green paper cut from the template.

  8. Wrap the floral tape around the sepal and the wire.

  9. Insert the leaves while wrapping the tape.

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Video tutorial to make a Carnation paper flower:


I also tried to make paper carnation with regular printer paper here, so making a pure white bouquet is also a lovely choice.

You might want to learn how to make a paper boutonniere, please enjoy here.

What you will need to make a Carnation paper flower:

  1. Regular color paper ( thinner than 80 gsm is better), you choose the color you like
  2. Wire 20 gauge
  3. Floral tape
  4. Scissor
  5. Glue gun or instant glue
  6. DreamyPosy’s template

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Viva paper and scissors!!!

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