How to make Daffodil flower out of printer paper, FREE template

In this paper Daffodil tutorial, I’ll walk you through all step by step to make your spring bouquet just from some piece of printer paper.
It’s so easy with my free template, plus simple materials required.

Video tutorial to make paper Daffodil flowers:

Step by step instruction to make paper Daffodil flowers:

Step 1: Download the free template.

If you do not have a printer, just apply a paper on your screen and trace it with a pencil. Cut all the petals, stamen outer and sepal.

Step 2: Wrap the tiny stamens

Cut a tiny strip of facial tissue paper and wrap on the head of a wire gauge #26. Use the dried tissue paper to color the pastel chalk to those tiny heads.

Make 5 little heads like that and wrap it together to make the stamen.

Step 3: Make the stamen outer.

Color the stamen outer by pastel chalk.  Blending yellow, orange and red colors from the bottom to top of the stamen to help it more realistic.

Use the white glue to form the stamen outer as video instruction.

Step 4: Make the Daffodil petals

Cut, color, and glue the petals.  This step is easier than making the stamen outer. Use a bbq stick to curve the petal as instructed.

Step 5: Insert the tiny stamen to the stamen outer, then glue the petals together.

Step 6: Make the small tube for the sepal, color it with lime green.

Then insert the flower to this sepal, and attach a little light brown (I a mix of dark brown and ochre) small sepal there.

Step 7:  Wrap the flower with wire gauge #20 by floral tape.

Step 8: Cut some long leaves from green paper and glue with flower branches.


Paper Daffodil full tutorial with free template, paper flowers tutorial


Actually, Daffodil has quite many colors, from white, yellow to orange.

You could easily make a bouquet of different color flowers, just by changing your pastel color.

paper daffodil, paper flower, free tutorial, free template


Materials to make Daffodil paper flower :

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