DIY Orchid flower from printer paper, FREE template

With video tutorial and FREE template for paper flower and abstract paper vase, this paper orchid flower is perfect for your desk decor.

Video tutorial:


  1. Download the template and cut the printer paper along
  2. Use pastal chalk to color (light pink, you could use your favourite color instead) the petals as instructed, use scissor to curve the petals
  3. Glue the 4cm small wires (gauge#25) to the two middle petals
  4. Color the stamen petal with dark pink and yellow, curve the stamen as instructed
  5. Cut a 0.3cm strip of tissue paper to wrap and shape a small head of stamen, wrap again with small strip of masking tape, use a mix of white color +white glue to color it. Glue the head stamen with petal stamen.
  6. Arrange the stamen, middle petals and outer petals.
  7. Color the bud petal and use a round stylus to shape it as instructed
  8. Cut a 1cm strip of tissue paper to wrap and shape a round center for the bud, glue it with 3 bud petal. We has 3 sizes of bud in the template.
  9. Use the 2 side adhesive tape and a wire gauge#20 for make the leaf.
  10. Mix green leaf color + white glue to color the leaf, as white glue will help the leaf glossy after drying. The more white glue we have, the more glossy leaf is.
  11. I use a drink straw to make the branch has a realistic size, arrange the buds, flowers together …
  12. Download the vase template and print it out with 180gsm paper, cut, fold and glue it with the instruction of the site ID numbers

What we will need  (affiliate links):

Please follow me to have more FREE templates and tutorials, just made from printer paper and ordinary paper.

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