DIY Paper Carnation Wedding Bouquet, QUICK and EASY, FREE template

Paper Carnation is the quick and easy to make for beginners, so I decided to share this FREE tutorial and template as the first paper flower in the series of’s DIY wedding paper flower tutorials.

Updated on 22 May:

I just found the new way to have more realistic petals: just twist the circle as hard as you can (in the small picture in the right corner below)

Video tutorial:

The paper weight for this kind of flowers is equal or less than 80 gram per square meter, ( as you might know the regular printer paper is 80gsm).

I also tried to make paper carnation with regular printer paper here, so making a pure white bouquet is also a lovely choice.

The paper carnation flowers will have at least 2 inner layers and 4 outer layers, although both diameters are the same, the outer will have lighter curves than the inner one.

Foliage will help to make the bouquet more beautiful, so I also share the easy way to make some paper greenery.

I also have shared the tutorials to DIY your boutonniere here

What you will need:

– Regular color paper ( thinner than 80 gsm is better), you choose the color you like
– Wire 20 gauge
– Wire 24 gauge
– DreamyPosy’s template

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Viva paper and scissor!!!

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