How to make 3D Unicorn Mask from cardstock, FREE template

Halloween is coming, and I would like to share you some paper masks, a perfect design for your parties. Today is 3D Unicorn paper mask.

I designed this paper Unicorn mask for my daughter, so it looks like a kid project. But you could definitely create your own cute design by changing the quilling paper to the ombre ribbon. Yes, DIY your ombre ribbon by dying the organza ribbon with acrylic/watercolor/pastel chalk colors.

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I intended to make this 3D Unicorn mask with pink 250gsm cardstock, but I could not find it, so I made this just from 180gsm cream cardstock. And I glue a second layer inside the mask to help it stronger.

Instruction to make 3D Unicorn paper mask

  • Get my free template and print it out with cardstock 250gsm. If your printer does not accept such thick paper, just print out on printer paper and cut your cardstock with printer paper templates.
  • This template is fit for 9 – 14 yo kids, with the face of 15cm width and 22cm height.  If you want a mask for adult, please provide me the average size of adult you want, then I will make another template. (my face is small).
  • Cut the template at the solid lines and fold it at the dot lines.
  • Find 2 same ID number on the edges, then glue that 2 edges together. I used 2 sided adhesive tape for almost the edges and some white glue to some edges in need stronger glue. Please refer to my tutorial to make a paper heart for more clearer view.
  • Use nail polish to color the horn and the eyes of the mask.
  • I use 2 ways: the quilling paper stripes and the cream ribbon for the Unicorn hairs, as it will have rainbow color. I used the 5mm cream ribbon and dye it with rainbow watercolor. It’s so easy to have the ombre effect for the ribbon.
  • For paper quilling stripes, I trimmed out one end of the stripes and use the edge of scissor to curve the “hair”
  • Glue the “hair” to the head of the Unicorn mask.
  • To glue the string behind your head, pls glue many layers at the point of the string, to avoid the paper be torn apart.

What you will need to make 3D Unicorn paper mask:

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Thank you and love you all.


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