How to make paper Sun flower quickly, with SVG|PDF templates

Paper Sun flower needs a lot of petals, but finding the way to make the petals quickly and easily is not the hardest job.

I have thought about the way to make the sun flower center for years, that’s why I haven’t got any tutorial for this beauty yet.

Paper Sun flower step by step tutorial and template

Finally I’m happy with what I found. It’s quick, easy and life like.

Video tutorial to make paper Sun flower

Step by step instruction to make paper Sun flower

Time needed: 30 minutes.

  1. Cut the template

    The template is in SVG|PDF|DXF format, includes:
    – Two styles of sun flower petal. You could see that I made the brown center flower with round top petals and the lime-green center one with wild shape petals.
    – A circle shape with score and cutting lines in the template to shape the form of this Sun flower center. (Please make sure to select the score lines to be scored. This will be effective if you want to enlarge the template to make larger flower. )
    – Three size of sepal
    – The leaf
    Measurement: The petals’ height are about 1.5″ and the final sun flower is about 5″.

  2. Make the Sun flower center

    Use the glue gun to form the round center template like the top of the sphere, please refer to my video tutorial above for clearer view.
    Glue the pipe cleaner on. You can create many color for this center, just choose the related pipe cleaner and acrylic paint.
    I used the sponge daubers to color the center as it help to blend the color smoothly.
    Sun flower center making

  3. Make the Sun flower petals

    There are many petals but they are all in a chain, so that you will color and glue them very quickly.
    Use the sponge daubers to color the yellow petals with orange acrylic pant.
    Score the petals by the stylus.
    Form the petals with the help of the craft awl.

  4. Glue the petals

    We will have 3 chains of petal for each flower.
    Glue the chains of petals to the flower center accordingly.
    Please wrap around to ensure the petals are interleaved before gluing.

  5. Make the Sun flower sepal and stem

    Glue the stem (inserted with the transparent tube) on the back of the flower center.
    Use a round stylus to shape the sepal.
    Glue the largest sepal first, then add the other two smaller ones later.
    Wrap the stem with floral tape around the tube.

  6. Make the Sun flower bud

    Making the sun flower bud is just similar to making the flower.
    Please just resize the template a little bit, and we will need less petals than the flower.

  7. Make the sun flower leaves.

    Cut the leave template and glue with the wire gauge #22.
    I just repeat the technique to make paper rose leaves, please have a look. Sorry that the clip I shoot for leaf making was so blur as I’m having some vision problem.


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Paper sun flower tutorial

Materials needed to make this flower

I’m learning to give more than take.

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Paper flower tutorial and template

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