Paper Lisianthus video tutorial, FREE template

It’s so easy to make a beautiful paper Lisianthus bouquet, with my FREE template and full video tutorial here.

These paper Lisianthus flowers are perfect as a thank you gift, or a romantic gift. It helps to show your appreciation, admiration, love, acceptance to the receiver, as symbolising gratefulness and charisma.


Paper Lisianthus flowers are the often featured in wedding flowers (along with other beauties such as peonies, ranunculus and paper roses). You could also use Lisianthus for centrepieces in wedding arrangements, as well as in bridal bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.

Step by step video tutorial

What you will need

    1. Coffee filter paper
    2. Watercolor or pastel chalk
    3. Wire gauge20
    4. Wire gauge24 for leaf making
    5. Scissor
    6. White glue
    7. 20w glue gun
    8.’s template


For the flower

      • Download the template and cut out the petal
      • Use white glue to help shape the petal
      • Use the watercolor or pastel chalk to make your favorite flower colors.
      • Use the finger and edge of scissor to form the petal curves.
      • Use white glue to attach the petals to each other.
      • Cut 2cmx3cm rectangle of yellow paper to cut out a 5-petals- stamen
      • Use glue gun to form a small head of the wire gauge20, wrap it with the green floral tape.
      • Glue the yellow stamen to the stamen wire first, then the petals and the sepal.

For the bud

      • Use tissue paper to shape a small bud shape.
      • Cover by 1 layer of coffee filter petals with white head
      • Use lime green color for the bud
      • Glue with the sepal

For the leaf

      • Cut out the green paper with leaf template
      • Attach the leaf with wire gauge24 or gauge26 by white glue
      • Use the edge of scissor to help create the leaf vein and curves.

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