DIY paper Peruvian Lily from plain paper, FREE template

Here is the tutorial to make paper Peruvian Lily flower from plain printer paper with my FREE template included, so simple yet beautiful

Video tutorial:


1. Download the template and cut along
2. Use the pastel chalk to color the petal as instructed in video
3. Roll, press and curve the petals to help them be more realistic
4. Use small paint brush (#1) and water color or copic markers to draw on the smaller petals
5. Use 0.3cm strip of facing tissue to wrap on the white gauge#24 (5 pieces of 10cm long) to make the head of stamen.
6. Grind the pastel chalk to powder and glue it on the head of stamen as instructed.
7. Color the wire of stamen and wrap all with floral tape.
8. Glue the petals with the stamen, please try to observe the real flower picture to see how they are placed
9. For the leaves and branch, it’s quite familiar as the leaves of Zinnia tutorial here

What you will need:

      • Plain printer paper
      • Ordinary Tissue paper
      • Soft Pastel chalk
      • White glue
      • 20W Glue gun
      • Wire gauge#25 and gauge#20
      • Water color and small paint brush/ Copic marker
      • Scissor
      •’s template

    Please follow me to have more FREE templates and tutorials, just made from printer paper and ordinary paper.

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