How to make paper diamond ring, free template

This tutorial and free template for DIY paper diamond ring. It’s a perfect for your room decor or a lovely gift of paper wedding anniversary, or might be a diamond wedding one?

The step-by-step tutorial

Tips for your success:

Use color paper will be better than white color, it helps to hide the glue better.

When cutting, folding and glue, the more precise you do, the better craft you will have

Tacky glue or any glue that dry fast will be a big help

What you will need:

– Paper 180gsm (gram per m2)
– Holographic vynil
– Rhinestones
– Acrylic color
– Nail polish
– Paper glue or white glue

– DreamyPosy’s free template for Diamond module and Diamond base
– The ring was just cut out from A4 paper, so easy, so I don’t make the template for this.

This giant ring could be displayed perfectly with a paper gems collection here.

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