How to make 3D paper gems, FREE template

Got inspiration from beautiful diamond shapes, I decided to design a new collection of paper gems templates, and as usual, it’s for FREE.

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Video tutorial to make 3D paper gems:

All the templates were originally designed for A4 size paper. But you could change the size of paper A3, A4, A5, A6….in the printing setting. I made these gems from A5 size paper, except the orange one from A4 size. It could be a giant gems collection for your windows display or a tiny and colorful hanging on your empty wall.


Here are some ideas for your decoration purposes:

♥ Hanging these on your wall or windows.

♥ Glue it with some sticks for your desk decor

♥ Put it on a trunk with gold chains, pearl chains to have a giant treasure😍

♥ You can change the color to have your own style

♥… and I would love to hear from you any other suggestion.


I did so many versions to have the last one, for all of these gems shapes. Although I have checked carefully, I think one template was missing just 1 flap, that I could not find out yet. I really appreciate if you could try and let me know where the mistake is.

You will need to make 3D paper gems:

♥ Paper, 180gsm recommended or 250gsm for bigger size gems
♥ Scissors
♥ Glue stick or Elmer glue

♥Or you can spray it with silver/gold paint, acrylic paint, nail polish, etc.

♥Try with glitter powders, rhinestone…

               ♥’s FREE template for  the Trilliant gems, pear gems, Octagon gems,  marquise gems,  heart gems

Please have a look for Giant Diamond ring here

Many other FREE tutorials and templates are coming soon, please stay tuned with me.

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