How to make 3D owl paper mask from recycles, Free template

This owl paper mask is definitely the last minute mask you could make for the Halloween. As the materials needed are so simple, just a product box, copier paper, glue gun, and scissors. If you forgot to buy a custom, this is a cute mask that you could DIY within one night.

But you could create your own style with different color papers, with ribbon, glitter, rhinestones, whatever you could think of, as all you need is the mask base template. And as usual, it’s free.

Video tutorial to make 3D owl paper mask

Step by step instruction to make 3D owl paper mask

  • Download my free template, print and cut it out. This is the template for adult size, please print out the smaller template for children, by using percentage in printer setting.
  • If you do not have a printer, no worry, just put a piece of paper on your computer/tablet screen and use a pencil to trace on it.
  • Cut the cardstock with the template
  • Use the scissor head to create the vein and fold accordingly
  • Attach the pieces together with a glue gun
  • Use white glue for the “nose”, as it needs to be neat
  • When you finish the owl mask base, cut the feather out of copier paper or color paper. Please be noticed that the feathers outside are bigger than the inside. For example, the red feather’s height is about 4cm, the yellow/lime/green/blue ones are about 1.5cm – 2cm, and finally the purple feathers’ height is just about 1cm.
  • As the feathers need to be as soft as possible, so the paperweight would be better to be as thin as copier paper.
  • I colored the nose with nail polish.
  • Glue the feather from outside to inside.


What you will need to make 3D owl paper mask

  • Cardstock, I use a product box
  • Copier paper or color paper
  • Glue gun/White glue
  • Scissors
  •’s template

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