Paper stars with free PDF and SVG templates

This is a huge collection of paper stars with PDF and SVG templates. You can find any star template here, for both 2D and 3D stars.

Almost all of these paper star templates are for free.

Oh yeah, we will start first with the 2D stars templates, from 3 points stars to 8 points stars, with different shapes.

Here are the 3 point stars and 4 point stars and sparkles templates, with different shapes from “thin” to “fat”.

Please scroll down to the end of the post for the download buttons.

Here are the 5 point stars, 6 point stars, 7 point stars, and 8 point stars templates, with different shapes.

Here are the multi-point stars and sparkles templates.

And we will walk in the 3D stars templates now.

At first, I designed this double-side 3D stars collection, which is best for hanging around.

Then I thought of these 3D stars with flat bottoms, that you might want to stick on your wall, on birthday parties’ decorations.

And then I love these multi-point 3D stars, with big and small points.

Step by step instructions to make these stunning 3D paper stars

Step 1: Cut the templates.

If you cut the templates by hand, please use the scoring tool to score the fold lines.

If you cut the templates by Cricut, please upload the SVG file to the Design Space.

Ungroup all the items, select the fold lines to be scored, and then attach the score lines and the cut lines together.

If you want to scale, please choose all the items to keep the same ratio.

Duplicate the star point templates. E.g for a 5 point star, we will need 5 “point templates” to be cut and scored.

Step 2: Glue the template

Initially, I use double-sided adhesive tape but it doesn’t stick overnight. So I use white glue and it works perfectly.

It’s easier to glue the fewer-point stars ( I mean 3-point, 4-point, and 5point stars).

But the multi-point stars are much prettier.

For the multi-point and double-sided stars, please leave the side flap of the last point to be un-glued. So that you could insert your fingers deeper to press the glue inside.

Although I have carefully, the center of the multi-point stars is still a small hole.

So I designed the star center templates to cover that hole.

These are 2 flat bottom stars that stick together. But we still have the double-side 4point star template in the file.

My kitty has chewed the flat bottom star of this style, but we still have that template in the zip file.

It’s late for a Merry Christmas, but Happy New Year,