How to bank  $150 weekly with legitimate surveys

I know there are many scam surveys, as well as survey sites that will steal your personal info or ask you to pay a fee to join.
However, I will share with you this list of legitimate and paid surveys that pay real money, plus they are free to join.
You won’t earn enough to quit your job, but it can be a good side hustle that will help pay your bills.


        Founded in 1999, one of the biggest survey sites in the world. 
       Tasks: online paid surveys on numerous topics 
       Rewards: cash, gift cards, sweepstakes
       Eligibility: 14+ years old
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        Found in 206, >12 million members, awarded >$200 million to its members
       Tasks: online paid surveys, search web, play games, watching videos, etc.
       Rewards: cash, gift cards, vouchers, sweepstakes
       Eligibility: available in US, UK, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Germany, and France
       Note: Surveys take ~ 10 minutes, meaning you can earn around $3.30/hour.
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       Cashcrate originated in 2002 and has over 2 million members worldwide.
       Tasks: completing offers (try new products), online paid surveys

       Eligibility: 13+ years old; US and English speaking residents could earn more.

       Rewards: Cash via check or PayPal
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Shopper’s Voice

       One of America’s leading providers of consumer information for > 25 years.
      Tasks: online survey, share opinion, etc
      Rewards: free samples, money-saving coupons, and special offers
      Eligibility: US and UK residents
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Respondi Mingle UK

Found in 2005, leading company in the market research industry

     Tasks: online survey, test product at home…
     Rewards: cash, vouchers
     Eligibility: UK residents only
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Tips for maximizing your earnings from paid surveys

  1. Don’t ever pay to join and be careful with scams and fake sites.
  2. Sign up for all of these survey sites that you are eligible, for the full advantage.
  3. Set up a new email and check it regularly so you will not miss any programs.
  4. Be honest. Don’t try to provide inadequate information to be qualified for more surveys as you could be penalized.
  5. Survey lengths vary. The longer the survey is, the more money you will be paid.
 I will update this list accordingly so stay tuned.

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