How to DIY paper calla lily flower, free template

This is the free template and tutorial to make a vase of paper  Calla Lily.  A perfect idea for DIY room decor, that will last long.

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Video tutorial to make paper Calla Lily flower:

What you will need to make paper Calla Lily:

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  • For the paper vase, I used 180gsm color paper but I found it’s a little bit of flimsy. This metallic 250gsm paper will be perfect.
  • To make paper calla lily flower, I used ~0.5mm white foam paper for flower, please make sure that it’s the thin one (<1mm). Then using oil pastel to color the petals.
  • For the paper calla lily flower stamen, I used tissue paper to form the shape, put a lot of white glue around for ground rice covered. The natural color of rice is quite similar to the natural white stamen Calla lily.  After trying with the yellow stamen, I prefer the white one :).  I have tried many ways to imitate the original stamen for previous 7 flowers, this is the best and the last one, so I share this way only.
  • To make the paper Calla lily flower pedicel, I use a small 6mm water tube and wrap it with green flower tape, or you can wrap it with strips cutting from  <80gms green color paper.
  • For glue: white glue and glue gun
  •’s template for Calla Lily petal and Paper Vase

These DIY paper flowers could be arranged in the vase or you could make it as a beautiful wedding posy :).  The Calla Lily has so many other colors. Try with other color foam paper, or you can color it with oil pastel color.

Please feel free to share,  drop the comment bellows to help me improve my dream :))

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2 thoughts on “How to DIY paper calla lily flower, free template

  • September 4, 2017 at 5:45 pm

    I absolutely love your beautiful creations!! Could you please tell me where you found 0.3 mm foam paper?

    • September 5, 2017 at 1:59 am

      Dear Vanessa. You could search for Foam Iran. I saw some suppliers from China, Russia and UK. I have sent you a UK supplier on Facebook, pls help to check. Thank you.


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